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Summit Space provides the best coworking and office spaces for rent in Lucknow. Our well-equipped and modern workspaces are designed to satisfy all of your professional needs, whether you are a freelancer, startup, or established organization.

Summit Space, located in the center of Lucknow, provides a favourable setting for collaboration, creativity, and production. Our offices are spacious and ergonomically constructed, with cutting-edge facilities and services to ensure that you have all you need to work successfully. 

We invested in the elements that mattered while designing this best co-working and Office space, from acoustic design to tech infrastructure, all while maintaining a stunning architectural style. We want our clients to have access to a work environment that allows them to excel at what they do. 

Everything you need, to take your business to the next level is available here at Summit Spaces. 



Interactive workspace with private desks.

INR 7000 per seat

(Day Pass available)


Designed for privacy, ideal for enterprises,

companies and corporations of any size.

INR 7500 per seat

private cabin

Interactive workspace with private desks.

INR 35000 per cabin


Ideal for small meet-ups, with a seating capacity of 4-6.

Starting at INR 499 per hour

(Packages available)


Ideal for big group meetings, with a seating capacity of 16-35.

Starting at INR 999 per hour

(Packages available)


Ideal workspace solution for freelancers and entrepreneurs who 

want a professional business address for their company.

INR 24000 per year

(Yearly Package Available)


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